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The Business Brew

Nov 24, 2021

The one and only David Gardner stops by The Business Brew for an interview Bill has been looking forward to for over a year.  David is a Co-Founder of The Motley Fool.  He is best known for his Rule Breaker investing strategy but Bill knows him as a person that forced Bill to contemplate how he looks at investing.   

You can find David’s Rule Breaker podcast at, follow him on Twitter at @DavidGFool, and sign up for The Motley Fool at   See also his podcasts with Invest Like The Best or and Wealth Track

We hope you enjoy the discussion.  Detailed show notes below the Stream by Mosiac sponsor copy and thank yous.

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5:24  – David’s minimum investment time horizon 

8:30 - What running a business did for David’s investments

14:30 - Rule Breaking for the long term

19:30 – David’s thoughts on investing vs. trading  


27:40 - Interest rates and how they impacted Rule Breaker returns 


33:56 - Remarkable CEOs that can scale public companies 


40:40 - The importance of teams in investments 


42:50 - The Snap Test


48:50 – How Paul Gardner helped the Motley Fool get started


53:00 – David points out that he picks a lot of losing stocks too!


55:00 – The importance of the willingness to hold


62:50 – Spiffy pops


66:45 – What is an New and Important Industry?


71:21 – Adding to winners


77:44 – Being comfortable with concentration


83:00 – Chasin’ Teenies (this is a stock term)


86:45 – Winner math


91:17 – Live backwards and pick stocks today


94:34 – The risk that private equity and venture capital capture returns that used to be available to public market investors.


96:30 – What is next for David Gardner?


105:00 – The difficulty of internet advertising